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Performance Testing is a type of testing that ensures that the software applications will perform seamlessly under their expected workload.

We at Vertipride Solutions, focus on the performance of the software system such as the response time, reliability, usage of resources and scalability apart from the features and other functionalities. Moreover, the prominent goal of the Performance Testing is not only to find the bugs but to eliminate performance bottlenecks.

Software parameters we keep in mind while carrying out Performance Testing are

  • Speed – It determines whether the application responds quickly and efficiently
  • Scalability – To monitor the maximum user load the software application can handle
  • Stability – Check whether the application is stable under varying loads

Why Do Performance Testing?

Performance Testing is basically conducted to know about the speed, stability and scalability of an application. It is useful for uncovering any improvements that needs to be done before the product goes to market. With the lack of Performance Testing, the software is likely to suffer and have repercussions. This includes multiple users using it simultaneously, slow running time, the unpredictability across different operating systems and poor usability. In addition to this, the applications sent in the market with poor performance metrics are likely to create a bad reputation and hence, fail to meet expected sales goals. Therefore, executing a Performance Testing is extremely vital for any organization!


  • Load testing - It is carried out in order to check the application's ability to perform under anticipated user loads. The main objective is to identify performance obstructions before the software application goes live.
  • Stress testing - Tests the application under immense workloads to monitor the way it handle high traffic or data processing. The purpose of stress testing is to identify the breaking point of any application.
  • Endurance testing -This ensures that the application can handle the expected load over a longer period of time.
  • Volume testing - It regulates the overall software system's behavior whenever a large number of data is inhabited in the database.
  • Scalability testing - It checks the software application's effectiveness in "scaling up" to support an increase in the user load. This ultimately helps the user in planning the capacity addition to a software system.

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