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Automation testing, in other words, utilizes automatic devices to create and execute test cases, where no manual inclusion is required while executing a computerized test suite. Often, the analyzers compose test contents and experiments by utilizing the mechanization device and thereafter gathering into test suites.

The primary objective of Automation Testing is to create a test expertise and build programming value.

At Vertipride Solution, the quality assurance testing team carries out an automatic process where the analyzer composes the contents by possessing and utilizing appropriate programming to test the given product. It is ultimately a computational procedure of a manual process. Similar to the relapse testing, the automation testing is used to test the applications from load, execute and emphasize perspective.

Why Automation Testing Is Important?

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Automation testing helps in reducing the repetitive work of testing the same functionalities over and over again if any application has come up with new releases or bug fixes. It becomes hard to test all the functionalities manually one by one every time with the addition of bug fixes or new functionalities. It is one of the most successful as far as the cost, assets and time is concerned. The testing team at Vertipride Solution is here to reduce this effort by using an Automation Tool efficiently and effectively.

Benefits Of Automation Testing?

Increase Productivity

Reduces Testing Time

Increases Programming Quality

Supports Different Types Of Applications

Increase Testing Scope

Reduction Of Repetitive Work

Greater Consistency

Saves Money

Microsoft Technologies:

What We Test

Web, mobile and desktop applications

Sales-oriented applications, Business Intelligence and data analytics solutions

Applications with very strict security needs (HIPAA compliance, PCI DSS)

Applications that require high-level of integration to other applications (CRM, ERP, SCM, BPM, etc.)

Automation Testing Tools We Use




HP Quick Test Pro


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