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AngularJS has long been the popular JavaScript framework for developing web and mobile apps. It allows the developers to create dynamic and powerful single-page applications. It is an open source structural framework for web application to create RICH Internet Applications. Due to its light weight design, it responds very fast without any fraction of lagging, the AngularJS can be used to create sleek front-end user experiences. AngularJS was designed and developed by Google developers to simplify front-end development. AngularJS allows user to extend HTML vocabulary for web applications that show real-time interactive events using data.


Scalable applications

Lightweight and robust

Mobile responsive

With the ever-growing demand of interactive web designs and applications, each business domain wants to have robust and scalable solutions. Here, at Vertipride Solution we provide AngularJS development service, we aim at providing complete control of the output solution that is in compliance with JS markups. AngularJS developers are able to address numerous challenges for single-page and cross-platform app solutions. It is fully extensible and flexible and works perfectly with other libraries.


1. Dynamic and agile solutions

2. Easy to understand code with MVC

3. Quality driven development

4. Speedy and easy development

5. Synchronized DOM & application model

6. Custom widgets development

7. E2e testing environment

8. 2-way data binding

9. Reusable components

10. Enhanced plug & play components

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